'Misogynist' jailed after judge brands him a danger to women

By Crown Court Reporter in Crime

An "incorrigible misogynist" who carried out three different assaults has been jailed after a judge branded him a danger to women.

Richard Choules sexually assaulted two of his victims and left the third with a broken nose and permanent scarring on her face.

He was described as being domineering, controlling and abusive as he was jailed for more than six years at Exeter Crown Court.

Choules, aged 51, carried out the assaults on three separate victims in three different decades in Exeter and Newton Abbot and left them all with physical or psychological damage.

His most serious attack was a sexual attack on a woman who had got so drunk with him on Boxing Day that she was unable to get up the stairs at her home.

He pretended to be helping her but instead took the opportunity to sexually assault when she was helpless and incapable of resisting.

Choules, formerly of Twickenham Road, Newton Abbot, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, indecent assault, and sexual assault.

He was jailed for a total of six years and eight months by Judge David Evans, who imposed a one year extended licence after ruling he was a dangerous offender.

He told him the victims had all been impressed by his charm and only realised his true character when they were alone behind closed doors.

He said:"I have read personal statements from all three victims and it is clear your behaviour has had a profound effect psychologically, and in one case physically.

"The fear and humiliation they felt comes across very plainly. The last offence was a forceful, degrading and dominating piece of aggression committed while you yourself were drunk.

"I conclude you pose a significant risk of causing serious psychological harm in the future. It is clear your attitude to these women over the years has been dominating, controlling and abusive.

"You are an incorrigible misogynist, especially when you are angry or drunk. The probation report makes it clear you justify your behaviour as a justifiable reaction."

Mr Joss Ticehurst, prosecuting, said the first assault was carried out in the 1980s when Choules attacked a woman after they had an argument at a pub.

He punched her to the face and kicked her on the ground, leaving her with a scar above one eye and a broken nose.

The second attack happened when he was living in Exeter in the 1990s and touched a woman’s breasts and body against her will when she refused to have sex with him.

The final incident happened two years ago when he sexually assaulted the woman after she had been drinking with him on Boxing Day.

Miss Heather Hope, defending, said Choules saved the victims from having to give evidence by admitting the offences before a trial.

He is keen to change his attitudes to women and would be a suitable candidate for courses run by the probation service.