Residents to be surveyed on their views of Dartmoor National Park Authority

By Kate Cotton in Local People

Dartmoor’s residents will be asked their opinions on the present and future of the national park in a telephone survey over the coming weeks, starting Monday March 20.

Ashburton-based market research company, Marketing Means, has been commissioned to carry out the survey, to gather information to help shape the work of the National Park Authority.

The survey will cost the Dartmoor National Park Authority £9,881.

A spokesman for the authority said: ‘It’s very important to consult the resident community and not go blindly on with plans without communicating.

‘It’s very important to consult them and this could potentially save us a lot of money in the long run.’

He said the aim of the ten-minute survey is to ascertain residents’ level of awareness of Dartmoor National Park Authority and their understanding of, and satisfaction with, the work carried out by the authority.

He added: ‘The survey will also look at how well the National Park Authority communicates and engages with the residents of the national park, their views about living in Dartmoor and opinions on future priorities for the authority.

‘The last survey was conducted in 2013 with the intention of repeating the process periodically. It provided some very positive messages in respect of understanding the role of the authority, achievement of its two purposes and satisfaction with the services provided.

‘It’s important to carry out repeat surveys in order to determine continued levels of satisfaction and confirm how best to keep local residents informed and involved in the work of the National Park Authority.’

The surveys will be carried out from March 20 to April 13.