High praise for Dartmoor historical novelist

By Paul James in Local People

HISTORIAN and sometime Dartmoor planner Dr Ian Mortimer has made an excursion into the realms of fiction where critics have welcomed his timely arrival.

The Moretonhampstead-based writer – and departing member of Dartmoor National Park Authority’s planning committee – has received glowing praise for his first venture into the land of the novel using his own name.

His ‘The Outcasts of Time’ tells the tale of two characters making a trip across the ages from the 14th century to the modern world.

The Guardian devoted more than 600 words on the opus to declare it a ‘joyously gruesome journey through English history, told with gusto and erudition.’

The Daily Express verdict had it as a ‘clever and moving Faustian tale packed with fascinating historical detail.’

But Mortimer is used to such plaudits. The Times has described him as ‘the most remarkable historian of our time.’

And the national newspaper thinks quite highly of his latest offering, assessing it as ‘a stunningly high-concept historical novel that is both as daring as it is gripping.’

The gushing didn’t stop there, with the happy reviewer reckoning it to be ‘beautifully written and superbly executed.’

Mortimer’s less fanciful fact-based books have all sold well, including the hugely successful Time Traveller’s Guides.

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