Quick fix praise for mechanic marvels

By Paul James in Local People

HOSPITAL patient David Blinston’s heart sank when garage staff in Ashburton told him his ailing Skoda would be off the road for a few days.

David, who lives in Dartington and is a former resident of Ashburton, took the bad news on the chin.

He happened to casually mention the inconvenience of having to rely on public transport to get him to Torbay Hospital where he undergoes daily radiotherapy treatment.

His first day without his beloved four wheels swallowed up six, tiring hours as he made alternative arrangements to get to and from the treatment room.

Kind souls at Chuley Road Garage – and in particular godsend mechanic Ian Tucker – pulled out all the stops and fixed his car within 24 hours, saving a gobsmacked David, 67, another day of arduous travel from home to hospital and back.

‘It was incredible that the garage would do this. It was worth everything to me. Their thoughtfulness was just amazing,’ said a grateful David.

He took his car along to the garage last Wednesday – and he was driving again the following day after his tiresome treatment trip.

‘I was told the earliest I could expect it back was on Friday, but it would probably be Monday. To have it back on Thursday was incredible. I offered a tip – but they said my bill was already big enough,’ said David.

He revealed that mechanic Ian had finished his day’s work – and immediately set to fix David’s car, a job which took four hours.

David returned to the garage this week to show his appreciation in the form of a gift.

A spokeswoman at the garage said: ‘We know he had an awful journey – and that he had not been too well. He’s been a customer for many years. If we can do something to help, we always will.’

David’s car needed a look at by the experts when his Skoda’s engine management light came on.

A diagnostic test revealed it was a ‘big job’ which involved an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. He was more than happy to pay the ‘damage’ of £659.

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