THE 1st Teignmouth Guides were inspired to create their own drawings and watercolour paintings of our incredible local landscape.

Guides welcomed Laura Wall, local business owner, artist, illustrator and author, who gave a passionate presentation about her work.

In the session the Guides learnt how to create compositions and use watercolour paints.

They did a step by step painting with Laura of the local area including adding characters, Sophie and Goose.

They then painted their compositions in watercolour, all the while learning techniques and tips and how to interpret colours and shadow in a playful and bright way. 

‘I love doing art in my spare time and it was fun to draw Goose and Sophie,’ said Julia, 11.

Jane Taylor, leader-in-training, said: ‘The Guides should be really proud of their work.

‘They were under pressure to create their pieces within an hour. It was great to see the Guides take on this challenge and be inspired.’

Laura Wall said: ‘When I was growing up I was a Guide too!

‘It was a really big part of my life, I absolutely loved going every week to see my friends and learn and do different activities that I may not otherwise have experienced.

‘It gave me confidence to try and do new things and I can say that it contributed to igniting my love for the outdoors, crafts and nurturing a general attitude to just have a go and do it!

‘I know it’s so important to have professionals come in and do demonstrations and inspire the girls – it certainly helped me when I was their age, and so it’s been absolutely lovely to go back to my roots and hopefully inspire them in the way I was at that age.

‘We had an hour to create a masterpiece and they all did so well never once saying I can’t do this, I was really impressed!’

The 1st Teignmouth Guides is for girls aged 10 to 14 and they meet weekly during term time. To register please visit

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