POLICE have vowed to crack down on anti-social behaviour in Teignmouth after an increase in trouble and up to 300 young people crowding into the area. 

Last weekend, officers confiscated a large amount of alcohol and ‘dispersed’ groups of youths causing problems in the resort. 

Friday and Saturday night saw a number of reports of problems which led to several arrests. 

Trouble-makers have even stolen mobility scooters, caused criminal damage, ridden motor bikes to cause nuisance and drunken behaviour. 

Since April, the police team in Teignmouth has been carrying out extra patrols at weekends, particularly on seafront areas where large groups of youths gather. 

A police spokesman said: ‘ We are aware there is an increase of Anti-Social Behaviour on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

‘Over the last couple of weeks we have increased police presence within the town of Teignmouth, to help reduce the amount of ASB. 

‘This weekend we confiscated a large amount of alcohol and dispersed the youths. 

‘Arrests were made and will be continued to be made as a response to the ASB and crime element. 

‘Positive action is being taken as we are taking this situation very seriously.’

There has been a rise in reports of anti-social behaviour in the seafront area and on the Bank Holiday weekend, police say there were more than 300 people in the town. 

During one patrol, officers said they responded to a call about nuisance riding of motorbike, stopping the culprits and issuing a notice for causing distress and annoyance to the public. 

One person was also arrested for being drunk and disorderly and causing criminal damage. 

One member of the public reported three mobility scooters stolen from Royal Court on the seafront.

It is understood the scooters were later located at the railway station and arrests were made. 

Complaints have also been made of litter left on the Back Beach including used nappies, not in a bag, beer cans and vodka bottles. 

Elderly residents living in sheltered accommodation on the Den and near the seafront are said to be regularly disturbed until the early hours of the morning by large groups and people riding motorbikes. 

Young girls have been reported to be lying down on the Den drunk and vomiting. 

Problems also seem to be occurring in Dawlish and Dawlish Warren with one dog walker reporting seeing a group of youngsters who ‘smelt like a cannabis farm’. 

It has also been said that the car park at Dawlish Warren is again being used by irresponsible driving with one youth seen using the area to do handbrake turns. 

Youths with L-plates were also seen riding dirt bikes on the Den, almost hitting people walking on the pavement.

Similar issues last year through the summer months prompted police to publish and open letter to parents appealing for then to highlight the dangers and risks  of such behaviour.

Police are urging members of the public who experience anti-social behaviour or crime to report incidents by calling 999 so ‘swift action’ can be taken.