Chudleigh Primary School is the latest in in the county to launch a walking bus. The 'bus' made its first run from Moorview, Chudleigh, on Monday. It took the children 15 minutes to walk to their school. During the last year, headteacher Mike Tudor and a group of parents have been writing and implementing the school travel plan. They have arranged cycle training for 10-year-old pupils, together with the new walking bus, which should reduce car use and promote healthy ways of getting to school. 'We know it will help reduce congestion around our school and improve the health and fitness of those children who use it,' said Mr Tudor. The chairman of governors, Robin Tanned added: 'I am delighted with the support the school receives from parents, volunteers and members of the community. 'This initiative also forms part of our healthy schools award.' The school won its bronze TravelWise Schools Award from the county council last year and is now aiming for silver.