A DARTMOOR trekking centre is inviting people to throw off their clothes and join a near-naked ride today – although boots and a ‘robust pair of pants’ are recommended.

Dee Dee Sibley, of Babeny Farm Stables in Poundsgate, said she was asked by a horsewoman to put on the naked ride.

She said: ‘We get some strange requests and when we looked into this one, several people said they would love to take part in the ride. So we thought why not?

‘Our trail escorts will be fully clothed and we’re suggesting those who want to feel the rush of air on their chests, so to speak, should wear decent riding boots, a robust pair of pants, and nothing else. Hard hats are compulsory.

‘The opportunity will echo the Native Americans who rode in little else but a piece of buffalo hide and a pair of moccasin boots, although in this case, riders will not be encouraged to carry a bow and arrow.’

Dee Dee said riders will saddle up and follow a little-used trail close to Babeny Farm, away from the glare of the public, so they can feel uninhibited as they ride naked across Dartmoor’s stunning wilderness.

The ride is said to be today only, April 1.