WILD swimmer Eva Batho is very much a force of nature.

The 10-year-old Buckfastleigh scout is currently swimming every day for a year, raising money for the 1st Buckfastleigh Scouts and bringing awareness to the challenge of water quality.

Starting in July after being inspired by Max Woosey, who camped in his garden for three years, she has recently completed 100 days of wild dips.

Her mum, Amy, said: ‘She likes to set challenges for herself anyway, but she was inspired by the young lad that camped in his garden. She thought that was amazing and she was inspired by that. She wanted to do something herself.’

She joined the group when she was 6 years old, and the group has grown a lot since.

The challenge so far has raised more than £400 for them and counting. The group have invested in new kit for the group, including maps, rucksacks for children without expedition kit, caving lights, and a storage container.

Eva taking the plunge once more
Eva taking the plunge once more (-)

When planning the challenge and weighing up whether to do a month or a certain number of days, Eva decided to do a year - because next year’s a leap year it will be make it 366 days.

‘She’s brave and adventurous, you’ll have to look at her Instagram to understand’, contined Amy.

‘She’s a real character and doesn’t hold back. She really just wants to live life.

‘When she started on July 26, it was easy because the weather was nice, and she was going in the water anyway.

‘As the weather has got colder (she won’t wear a wetsuit) the conditions are getting a bit more challenging.

‘Even when it was stormy, we went to a little eddy, and she still got in the water.

‘It’s good because she’s learning about water safety and cold-water shock and things like that.

Eva during one of her wild swims
Eva during one of her wild swims (-)

‘We mostly swim in the Dart, but we go in different places. She’s been in the sea and even in a fishing lake in the Peak District when we went to a wedding.

‘There are days when she really doesn’t want to do it when it’s cold and wet. She’ll always get in and come out the other end feeling better, it’s teaching her a lot about resilience, commitment, and accountability.

She makes sure she fully submerges herself each time.’

Eva is logging all her swims on her Instagram @child_swim_wild, for which she and her dad designed the logo when she started the challenge.

Amy added: ‘The group gives a lot of opportunity to children who otherwise wouldn’t do those things, she really enjoys it. They are always looking for volunteers to help the growing group, even flexibly. Anyone interested can contact [email protected], or find more information on their Facebook page 1st Buckfastleigh Scout Group.’