More than 200,000 businesses across the UK and the Isle of Man are estimated to be seeking short term workers to help them during the summer of 2023.

And help is at hand!

Many local employers need to hire seasonal and temporary workers across a wide range of sectors including tourism, hospitality, transport, agriculture and retail. 

New Job Today, Tindle Media’s job board, has launched a seasonal recruitment offer that enables recruiters and employers to promote their vacancies in our market-leading local newspapers and websites.

The seasonal recruiter package includes an advertisement in print, listing on the job board for 14 days, and social media sharing of the vacancy - for an all-inclusive price of  £159. It is available on New Job Today until the end of May 2023. 

A spokesman for Tindle Media said: “We devised this package at the request of local employers.  We know that recent years have been challenging for local businesses.   Many of our businesses are in areas where hiring summer seasonal and temporary workers is critical to success. 

"Our package allows listing of vacancies on our national job board, an advertisement in a choice of local newspapers and sharing of the vacancy online through our social media accounts and promotion of the vacancy through digital advertising.  Additionally, we promote driving traffic to New Job Today continually so this will help ensure that seasonal vacancies are shared across networks.

The Seasonal Job Board opportunity is available for local employers until 31st May on New Job Today and will be promoted extensively across Tindle Media.

Tindle's Local Account Managers can assist in promoting seasonal job opportunities by contacting the team at [email protected]

To place your Seasonal Special recruitment package, go to New Job Today