THE national campaign against gender violence has come to Dawlish and Holcombe.

Churches in Dawlish and Hoclombe now have in place a symbolic red chair.

It is part of the Mothers’ Union in Devon inviting people to support the two-week campaign.

Ann Leigh, of Dawlish Mothers’ Union, has organised the red chairs.

She said: ‘One woman every 11 minutes is killed through violence.

‘These chairs, covered in red cloth, symbolise the empty chairs left by women who have lost their lives.’

Heather Sayle, president of the Mother’s Union in Devon, says groups are inviting people to join the fight against gender-based violence.

She explained: ‘It highlights the empty chairs left by women who have lost their lives through violence (#theyaremissed).

‘People are being encourage to print out a poster and place it on a single, ideally red, chair before taking a photo of it and sharing it on social media.’

The Red Chair project is part of the United Nations’ annual 16 days of worldwide activism against gender-based violence.

The Mothers’ Union says one in three women worldwide have experienced domestic or sexual abuse.

Heather said: ‘We believe this to be unacceptable.

‘At Mother’s Union we work alongside communities to help stop domestic abuse as well as supporting those who have been affected by it. Across the diocese and county we have more than 16 Red Chairs and we held more than 12,  three-minute silences.

Mothers’ Union is a movement of four million Christians in 84 countries worldwide. Founded 146 years ago by Mary Sumner, Mothers’ Union is unique because members work as volunteers in local communities, putting their faith into action by acts great and small, giving individuals in need a helping hand and engaging communities (of all faiths and none) to have the confidence and skills to transform their lives in a sustainable way.

Thanks to donations and subscriptions, members, as volunteers, are transforming communities and the lives of families, women and men, through practical grassroots support, empowerment, and by challenging systems that perpetuate injustice at the local, national and international level.