DEVON County Council (DCC) are again reminding people not to dispose of potentially dangerous waste at its recycling centres after a World War Two mine was recently found at its Torr Quarry site in Kingsbridge 

The recycling centre had to been evacuated after the discovery, and the Royal Navy’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal team were called to dispose of the mine safely.

The incident isn’t a one-off – repeatedly over the years items such as mortar shells and similar potentially explosive items have been left at recycling centres.

Often it is not possible to tell if the explosive device is still live and as such sites have had to be evacuated, and emergency services and bomb disposal experts called.

Councillor Roger Croad, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Communities and Equality, said: 'This isn’t a one off; over the years suspicious, potentially dangerous or concerning items have been dumped at our recycling centres.

'Given the potentially significant risk to the public, each time, we have to evacuate and close the site in question when this happens. Such incidents have the potential to be life threatening, cause disruption to other site users and use valuable resources of the emergency services.

'Some might think the contents of an old chest in the loft or garden shed is harmless, but it’s a question of perception, and we must put the safety of people first – it is often not possible to tell if an old war relic is live or not.

'So please, if you are planning to take something to the recycling centre, please just think for a minute, and ask yourself; is there a chance that this item is dangerous, or someone might think it’s dangerous?

'If the answer is yes, please talk to the County Council’s Waste Management Officers before travelling to the Recycling Centre. It is imperative that people just don’t turn up and leave it on site.

'Otherwise, it could put the public and site staff at risk of death or significant injury and causes unnecessary disruption.

'However, flares, fireworks and ammunition should never be brought to our recycling centres, and I would urge members of the public to be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious being thrown away, please inform a staff member.'

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