FLY-TIPPERS dumping rubbish in some of Teignbridge’s most secluded beauty spots may have met their match.

Teignbridge Council’s overview and scrutiny committee heard that CCTV cameras often could not cover remote locations where fly-tippers offload van loads of waste.

But executive member Peter Williams (Lib Dem, Teignmouth East) told councillors that new initiatives are being considered to combat the menace.

In 2023 more than 500 incidents of fly-tipping were reported in Teignbridge, and 312 this year already.

Cllr Williams, portfolio holder for recycling, household waste and environmental health, reassured fellow councillors: ‘Every case that has evidence is investigated. 

‘We issue fixed penalty notices, and the fines have all increased.’

The council has a sliding scale of fines, depending on how serious the tipping is, with £1,000 penalties for larger vehicles or hazardous waste. 

If the offender does not accept the fixed penalty notice, the council takes them to court.

Cllr Williams added: ‘Fly-tipping is unacceptable, and we will do our best to put an end to it. 

‘We are looking at ways of deterring these people, and there are more ideas being considered.’

Cllr Williams also reported that recycling rates in Teignbridge are increasing, putting the council in the top 12 per cent of authorities in the country. 

More than 24,000 households subscribe to the local garden waste collection service.

His report said the council’s own vehicles accounted for a third of its carbon footprint. 

Twenty new electric vehicles are going into service from October, and new, cleaner bin lorries are already on the streets.

They are still diesel-powered, however, because the long distances and remote locations of Teignbridge make current electric models impractical.

Cllr Williams’ report also revealed that major changes are planned at Newton Abbot’s Brunel Road recycling centre. 

New government regulations mean the site will have to be covered, and sorting equipment needs to be replaced.

He said: ‘Our aim is to keep Teignbridge a cleaner and greener environment.’

Councils can issue fixed penalty notices or take enforcement action requiring occupiers of land to remove fly-tipped waste.

Prosecutions can lead to unlimited fines or up to five years imprisonment.