PARISH councillors in Starcross are to put pressure on Devon County Council to resurface the main road through the village. 

Work had originally been scheduled to take place in the financial year 2021 to 2022.

But this was postponed pending the result of trials to widen parts of the pavement alongside parts of the A379. 

Since the decision not to go ahead with the pavement scheme, Starcross Parish Council says the resurfacing work has not been ‘attended to’ either despite the road being in a ‘very poor condition’.

Now the resurfacing has been delayed until the autumn.

Devon County Council says the work ‘could possibly have been done earlier but a decision was made to avoid the summer period’.

Chairman of the parish council Jim Hopper said: ‘Given the state of the road, one might have thought that it warranted work before the summer.  

‘The road is in very poor condition especially from the village down to Cockwood.

‘We hope that pressure will produce work soon to compare with that done in Kenton recently.’

He said the parish council is in the process of compiling a report on pavement conditions and will continue to raise this plus signage of the cycle path. 

A report from the Devon County Council cabinet member for highways in February said the Starcross scheme would be delivered in 2023 to 2024. 

The response said DCC was arranging necessary consents with Network Rail to work adjacent to the main line. 

Once this permission has been granted, a works programme can be established.