The prestigious annual Dartmoor Society Award has been presented to Rosemary Howell ‘for exquisite Lukesland Gardens’ on the moor.

At the 20th annual general meeting of The Dartmoor Society, held at Belstone, Chairman Dr Tom Greeves, presented Rosemary with the 21st Dartmoor Society Award (2018).

The fine handcrafted ceramic plate is made by potter Penny Simpson and calligrapher Michael Edwards, both of Moretonhampstead, and inscribed ‘for Rosemary Howell for exquisite Lukesland Gardens’.

Dr Tom Greeves, Chairman of the Dartmoor Society, said: ‘We had a Society visit to Lukesland in Harford, in May 2017. We were hugely impressed by the sophistication and beauty of the gardens, which have been largely created and nurtured by Rosemary Howell and her late husband Brian since 1970, with additions of ponds, waterfalls, bridges, and a wide range of planting of trees and shrubs, all focussed around the Addicombe Brook which runs off the moor.

‘The gardens are now managed by Rosemary’s son and daughter-in-law John and Lorna Howell.

‘These gardens are a testament to very considerable horticultural skill and imagination, and are one of Dartmoor’s real treasures. We are delighted to recognise this through presentation of our award.’