New research has revealed that Devon is rated in the top ten UK places where the most potholes have been repaired in the last year.

Excluding data from London, the statistics, collated by Bill Plant Driving School, show that Devon was the third best council in the country for carrying out pothole repair in 2022, beaten only by Lancashire County Council and Kirklees Borough Council.

Devon County Council revealed that last year 34,590 had been reported and 31,590 potholes had been repaired. Meanwhile Lancashire County Council fixed 67,493 potholes - the same number as that reported to the council - and Kirklees Borough Council repaired 37,552 potholes, more than the 23,513 reported to the council

The council beat Lincolnshire County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Northumberland County Council, Herefordshire Council, Shropshire Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Cornwall Council.