MORE than 1,000 primary school pupils from across Devon flocked to the Westpoint Centre, Exeter for Farmwise, an annual event that teaches how and where local food comes from.  

Running for 10 years, Farmwise puts on show every part of the farmyard and beyond, from calves to combine harvesters, honey bees to horticulture.

Deborah Custance-Baker, chairman and key organiser of the event, said: ‘This year, we’ve got 1,500 children here so we’re back to pre-pandemic levels of attendance. They’re all primary school age, and at that age they just absorb information, it’s completely fantastic. It’s a day out for them from the classroom but they’re learning so much while they’re here.’

One school in attendance was Chudleigh Knighton Primary. Teacher, Ella James-Mellitt, said: ‘This is a great day we all look forward to. It’s really important for the kids to see how their food is made, but it’s also a chance to get mucky and get involved, to be honest. 

‘They had a long time away from events like this so they’re really enjoying it.’

Cllr Percy Prowse, chairman of DCC, added: ‘When kids are standing and looking at the stuff here today, there’s no mistake as to what they’re looking at. Changing the classroom to this venue once a year is 10/10, surely.’