THE Mare and Foal Sanctuary is urging motorists to take care when meeting riders on the road after a recent near miss close to its Upcott Park farm in Holsworthy.

The sanctuary has a number of sites in rural Devon. On many of the country roads around the sites the national speed limit applies and some drivers are not expecting to meet a horse and rider.

Tracey Dixon, yard manager at Upcott Park, said: ‘Locals are used to our staff and horses being out on the roads but due to a current lack of signs and high speed limits there is always the possibility of accidents, especially with drivers who don’t know the roads.’

Drivers and riders are asked to take extra care around the sanctuary sites, particularly now winter is approaching.

And it recommends riders take the British Horse Society Riding and Road Safety Test to feel confident while riding on roads.

It is hoped new signs can soon be erected around Upcott Park to promote the presence of riders on roads and make life safer for staff, horses and drivers.