ARTIST Sam Lock came to work with pupils from Teignmouth Community School during the second half of spring term.

They were working on an art project, the aim of which was to engage the children in thinking, discussing, designing and creating artwork for the school fencing to make the entrance brighter.

School manager Andrew Webber said: ‘We used ripstop nylon and tulle and represented our close relationship with the sea.

‘The children discussed with Sam the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and explored ways they could reflect them using local wildlife, nature and place. For example, their designs incorporated the ness, seals and lighthouse.

‘They learned to apply colour, weaving, identified textiles, as well as co-operation, team work and improved their motor and co-ordination skills. We have had some lovely comments from pupils, staff, parents, visitors and local passers-by from the child-designed art installation. 

‘Thanks to the Helen Foundation for their support with this project. It has been a number of years since we have been able to use visitors to come in and work with the children due to the pandemic and they really loved this.’