BUDDING film-makers at Bovey Tracey Primary School have made their movie debut.

The 12 youngsters have created Stay Safe Online – a nine-minute, three-segment video highlighting the dangers of cyber-bullying and online stranger danger.

The pupils have devised, written and acted in the short drama about some of the perils of using the internet and social media.

Filmed by local filmmaker David Cartwright and co-created by drama leader Juliet Harper, the project involves sections about keeping passwords safe, stranger danger online and cyberbullying.

Year 6 teacher Amy Kirkwood said: ‘The film was the joint idea of the pupils and our drama leader.

‘The school already teaches the children how to use the internet safely but this was such a good idea to spread the message “Stay Safe Online”. The children wrote the script and the film was shot by David – a colleague of Juliet’s from the Bovey Players.

‘Juliet led them with the role-playing situations – which they loved doing.’

Deputy headteacher Rebecca Forrest, who also takes a cameo role in the film, said: ‘What a wonderful challenge for the children. This is such a serious topic and the fact the children have written the film themselves to show to their peers demonstrates how important this message is.

‘The children can’t wait to screen their work to the rest of the school.’