Christmas, is a time of joy, family, and indulgence, but what happens after the big day? We’re often eating leftovers on Boxing Day, saving the extra chocolate, and making the most of our new gifts but when it comes to the packaging, we’re at a loss.

Did you know that unless you buy specific wrapping ‘paper’ it can’t be recycled? According to Business Waste, consumers in the UK use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year. In Mid- Devon, only wrapping paper and brown paper, with no glitter or foil, can go in the black recycling box or bag.

Well, look no further and clear your conscience as we show you some crafty ways to make the most out of Christmas wrapping, turning trash into treasure.

Gift tags for next year

The perfect way to use up that old paper and help with those post-Christmas blues is to prepare for next year’s festivities. Whether you’re the world’s best wrapper or believe it’s the thought that counts, these gift tags will leave you feeling organised ahead of next year, while also giving your gifts that extra something.

Wrapping paper bows

Another way to keep organised for upcoming gifts is to turn old wrapping paper into some lovely paper bows. Just in time for that unexpected birthday that may creep up in the early months of next year, or to add some pizazz to the NYE bottle of bubbly.

Decorative crafts for your home

Christmas is about the only time we are all blessed with an abundance of art supplies, paper, scissors, and tape are all in business, and so are we. It’s time to put to use all those crafty ideas and home upcycling inspiration that have been filling our magazines and screens this year. So, in time for any New Year’s home resolutions you may have, use Christmas as the perfect excuse to spruce up a room.

Devon’s three-step guide to recycling

1. remove any ribbons or bows.

2. give your wrapping paper the scrunch test.

3. if your wrapping paper stays scrunched pop it in the appropriate recycling bin.