WEATHER conditions had a brief respite today with a short spell of rain at lunchtime.

So far, Teignbridge has escaped the worst of the extreme warnings predicted for many parts of the country.

Alerts were issued for potential short bursts of lightning as a front moved across the south west towards Ashburton, Avonwick and Buckfastleigh from noon.

Exeter-based Met Office is still issuing an Amber Alert of extreme heat for the Teignbridge area.

Temperatures for the remainder of today are forecast to pick up with 26 degrees centigrade at 3pm, going up to 27 degrees at 4pm.

At 11pm tonight, the temperature is still forecast to be 18 degrees, signalling a warm night.

The pollen count is still recorded as being medium and UV levels high until 6pm.

Temperatures for tomorrow are expected to be cooler, reaching highs of

22 degrees C early afternoon with a 30 per cent chance of light rain late morning.

The Met Office forecast for the south west says it will be ‘cloudier and much less hot on Wednesday with isolated showers, potentially heavy and thundery especially at first with maaximum temperature 24 degrees C’.

The forecast for the next few days is in the low 20s.

The current highest temperature in the UK is 38.7degress centigrade in Cambridge in July 2019.