THE Bungalow Project, a highly valued resource for the young people in Buckfastleigh, has been awarded a £270,396 lottery grant through the Buckfastleigh Community Development Project (Trust), the formation of which was led by the late Tim Drey.

Open every weekday night, the young people shape their own youth service with up to date, responsive and dynamic services.

They are currently exploring more avenues of cooking and creative arts and craft, along with cultural activities, kayaking and go karting.

All suggestions have to be investigated with considerations such as safeguarding, all of which costs money.

This grant will ensure the provision of three youth workers, including a manager and employing an apprentice.

Along with the provision of youth workers the money will make it possible to make improvements to the building, for example updating the kitchen, where they currently provide a hot meal every evening for anyone attending if they would like one.

Fanny Jackson, charity director of Buckfastleigh Community Development, said: ‘Thanks to

National Lottery players, this grant means that we have a unique opportunity through receiving this fund, to not only continue to support young people in Buckfastleigh and its surrounding areas, but to also respond to and meet their changing and increasing needs.

‘Receiving this fund has a hugely positive and measurable impact on our young people and the whole community.

‘It will enable us to transform young people’s pathways, enabling them to flourish, find happiness and fulfilment, as well as support the development of our organisation, which is committed to serving our wider community.

‘This will make a big difference to young people and their families’ lives.’

To celebrate this grant and to give the community a chance to see this amazing facility there will be an Open Day on February 4, giving an opportunity for young people and families to express how they would like the grant to be used.

There will be activities for the young people and of course refreshments.