CHRISTMAS lights in Dawlish may not be as bright this year thanks to Storm Babet.

Flash flooding left a trail of debris in its wake in Dawlish and during the destruction along the Brook, some steel pillars and electrical connections were completely submerged and destroyed.

This means the lights along the Brook will not be fixed and reinstated in time for the festive season.

Replacing the lights to be more resilient to flooding needs to go out to a tender process next year.

The tender will need to be with the agreement of Teignbridge Council which owns and manages the Brook and the Environment Agency.

A spokesman for the town council said: ‘Teignbridge Council has cleared branches and other debris from the sides of the Brook.

Dawlish Town Council is in discussions with the district council about councillors’ and residents’ concerns about the debris and other rubble left in the Brook.

‘The town council is hoping to reinstall the flood lights in the interim.’

A spokesman for Teignbridge Council commented: ‘We are currently in discussions with the Environment Agency and the town council regarding the sections of the Dawlish Water which are in the ownership Teignbridge District Council.’