150 Devon Rock Choir Members took part in a filming project at Torre Abbey for a very special arrangementof ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.

And now they are calling on members of the public to add their voices to their song for charity.

The footage is for a music video, which will act as a national fundraising drive to raise awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation as part of Mental Health Awareness Week from May 15 to 21.

The 150 Devonshire Rock Choir voices will be joined by thousands of other Rock Choir members and the general public who have been asked to submit their vocals to the project by April 7.

These vocals will be produced together for a final mix and this sound bed along with the Devon Rockies is what you will hear on the final fundraising video.

‘It’s an exciting opportunity for the Devon Rockies, who can’t wait to take part,’ says the Rock Choir Leader in Devon for this project, Richard Toomer from Teignmouth.

No musical or singing experience is necessary and Rock Choir are appealing for as many voices to take part as possible. In just under 12 hours of launching the campaign, 4000 people have already signed up!

The song ‘Fix You’, was aptly chosen as its message is about overcoming sadness with the help ofothers, which Rock Choir, with its strong sense of community and friendship, is all about.

To take part you can access a tutorial on YouTube to learn the song here https://rockchoir.com/fix-you-recording-resources/

The session is led by experienced Rock Choir Leader Josie Black. Participants will then follow guide lines to enable them to record their vocals to their mobile device and send them back to Rock Choir HQ to be mixed!

No-one should feel worried about singing on their own as their voices like the Rock Choir members will be blended into a final mix with thousands of others.

Caroline Redman Lusher, creator and creative director of Rock Choir says: ‘I would love for the widergeneral public, regardless of singing experience, to consider being part of this unique project.

‘Anxiety can be, at times, debilitating and we know that there are individuals who might struggle to even step foot into a choir rehearsal room, afraid to join in with new groups or take part in hobbies that they once loved particularly difficult for them since the pandemic.

‘By taking part in this recording project, we hope that everyone, regardless of circumstances, can feel safe and comfortable, engaging with us from their own homes and ultimately, be proud that they have made a vital contribution to this project.’

All donations from the fundraising video will go straight to the charity via a JustGiving Link - https://www.justgiving.com/page/mental-health-awareness-week-2023

To gain access to the Rock Choir YouTube tutorial, click the following link https://rockchoir.com/fix-you-recording-resources/ .

All vocal recordings must be submitted by April 7.

For more information about Rock Choir visit www.rockchoir.com