THERE’S a new name and a new uniform for a Teignmouth school.

Youngsters started their new academic year with a fresh look along with the new name of Teignmouth Primary School.

A big hit with parents and children, the new uniform has been introduced as the school changed its name from Teignmouth Community School.

The summer’s rebranding saw the name change along with a new colour scheme to match.

The updated logo was inspired by the 100-year-old tree the school was built around, and symbolises every child who has been educated at the school.

The new look has given the school an opportunity to look ahead to the future with bigger aspirations, in and out of the classroom.

They already have plans to become more involved with the community as well as building on their Good Ofsted rating.

Head of school Luke Marchant explained: ‘Our children and families have loved the new uniform.

‘It is wonderful to see the continuing pride the children take in themselves and the school.’

The school is hosting a number of open days for reception starters for 2024 on November 2, 9 and 14.