A VISION for a new ‘green village’ development of 1,200 homes on the outskirts of Dawlish has been blasted as a ‘joke’ and the ‘utmost folly’.

Ideas for the ‘sustainable neighbourhood’ have been unveiled as a’concept’ masterplan for a site to the north of the town.

But the proposals, which will be shown at a public exhibition next week, have prompted a furious reaction from Dawlish residents.

The backlash argues Dawlish has had more than its fair share of new housing in Teignbridge and there is a lack of infrastructure to support the additional homes.

Retired estate agent and former Chamber of Trade chairman David Force described the proposals as a ‘joke’.

He said: ‘The infrastructure in and around Dawlish is inadequate for the current developments taking place, let alone a whole lot more.

‘Plonking 1,200 houses in the countryside on prime agricultural land would be an act of the utmost folly.

‘The road to Exeter through Starcross would become a car park.’

He complained that developers were expected to build a link road from Gatehouse to Sainsbury’s at Shutterton before 50 homes on the site were sold yet he claims about 100 are now inhabited and work on the road has not started.

He added: ‘Elm Grove Road has become a race track and will now have more massive delivery lorries as developers have started yet another building site.

‘It can only be a matter of time before a child is knocked down by one of the schools.

‘It’s an appalling situation.’

His social media comment sparked a raft of support from dozens of residents who agreed the proposals would be detrimental to the town.

One described the plans as ‘terrible’ while another said they would ‘ruin’ Dawlish.

Mr Force responded saying he was most incensed at the lack of the link road despite it being a condition of developments already built.

He said it was ‘ridiculous’ that builders were allowed to continue building and that the extra traffic generated was ‘worrying’.

Dozens of people have agreed that Dawlish has already had more than its fair share of new housing in the district considering the size of the town.

Many have argued there are insufficient school places and not enough capacity at GP surgeries to cope with the added numbers.

The proposals are for a new development, called Hensford Park, north of Dawlish, connecting the A379 via the new link road being built by Teignbridge Council and Devon County Council.

Drawn up by LHC Design, the concept is aimed at fulfilling Teignbridge Council’s Local Plan and promises a low-carbon neighbourhood of homes, parks, workspaces, shops and large areas of green open space.

The Manor House in Dawlish will be the venue for the public exhibition on Friday, November 11, from 1pm to 7pm, and on Saturday, November 12, from 10am to 5pm.

Pictured: How the Dawlish Gazette broke the story last week.