GLASTONBURY Festival weighed in on the debate between campers and landowners on Dartmoor, airing some thoughts in the annual newspaper, the Glastonbury Free Press.

The 200,000 strong event was critical of the high court battle, warning of the dangers of restricting access to the countryside and highlighting the tiny area left where a legal right to roam exists.

The piece read: 'This weekend, you're free to wander at ease. Out in the real world, though, wanderers can soon be stopped in their tracks.

'Recent cases like the high court battle over the right to wild camp on Dartmoor remind us that the countryside is smaller than we think, but the facts still shock.

'We can walk freely on 8% of English land, and only 3% of rivers give uncontested rights of access. Less than 1% of the population owns half the country's land.'