DUNSFORD Community Academy in Exeter has launched a series of environmental initiatives as the school progresses to winning its first Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

The prestigious Eco-Schools programme, which was launched in 1994, requires schools to follow a seven-step framework designed to empower young people to make a difference in their school.

As part of the school’s action plan, it has launched a dedicated eco-council, led by Julia Balfour, the former Head of Ecology for the Royal Parks, who has previously worked with Sir David Attenborough.

Pupils have already participated in several exciting initiatives including reviewing school waste, recycling, litter picking, monitoring pond life and learning about the composting process.

The school recently hosted a tree-planting ceremony, which was attended by adventure duo The Turner Twins.

Pupils then planted an oak sapling propagated from the Royal Oak in Richmond Park which is believed to be more than 750 years old.

Lynne Ogden, Parish Clerk, comments: ‘Dunsford Parish Council are pleased to hear of the work that is being done by the local school towards the Eco-schools Green Flag Award. They should be proud that they are helping to produce young people who will look after our environment in the future.’

Andrew Grimley, Headteacher, Dunsford Community Academy, commented: ‘This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our school, and we’re thrilled that pupils have the chance get involved in such an important initiative.

‘We all have a responsibility to live cleaner, greener lives and this is a brilliant way for our pupils to learn about the importance of protecting the environment.’