RACIST graffiti is being tackled painted in Teignmouth thanks to a donation of anti-stain protection. 

Councillors in the town have been quick to tackle incidents of graffiti which has sprung up at various location such as the underpass. 

A recent spate saw ‘hate’ graffiti appear which was soon covered over, town, district and county councillor David Cox explained.

Now councillors have been donated tins of stain blocker to tackle the problem.

Adam Crispin, sales manager for Crown Paints in  Devon and Cornwall, and has given the councillors two different types of all purpose stain blockers to combat against graffiti in Teignmouth.

Adam said: ‘It is very rewarding when we are able to support community-led initiatives and we are delighted to support fighting graffiti through this donation.’

Cllr Vanessa Rudge told the Post: ‘We are are very grateful to Adam, for this donation of paint.

‘It will be use to cover up unsightly graffiti in Teignmouth.’

Cllr Cox added: ‘Last week we acted quickly to cover up some vile, racist hate graffiti by the station. 

‘Removing or covering up graffiti is important to stop it reoccurring.

‘Graffiti is a not only a problem for public spaces but both business and residential properties are impacted.

‘Vandals take pride in their work and do not want it to be erased quickly.

‘It tends to attract more graffiti so removing it quickly will prevent others from damaging the area.’

Teignmouth Town Council will pay a £200 reward for information leading to the conviction or restorative justice, of the offenders.