MEMBERS of the public will be able to have a look inside Newton Abbot’s historic St Leonard’s tower.

The medieval tower, all that remains of the larger St Leonard’s Chapel, will open its doors tomorrow,

It will then open every Wednesday between 10am and 1pm until September.

The ceremony is due to be conducted by Mayor Cllr Ken Purchase.

Museum curator Felicity Cole said: ‘The tower has become Newton Abbot’s best known landmark and is much loved by residents and visitors alike.

‘Opening the tower to the public wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful team of volunteers who greet everyone so warmly and share something about the town’s fascinating past.

‘It’s strange to think that the original St Leonard’s was actually partially demolished as long ago as the 1830s to accommodate a road-widening programme, that sort of thing sounds so much like a modern day practice.

‘Eagle-eyed people in the town centre can still make out the chapel’s original footprint by looking for special markers in the pavement.’