Owners struggling to keep their horse or pony’s weight under control, especially as the rich spring grass gets ready to grow, are invited to a talk from the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Littlehempston tomorrow night, February 9.

Horse nutritionist Tracey Hammond’s talk will be full of handy hints and ideas to keep everyone’s four-legged friends fit, lean and healthy.

Problems caused by overeating include Laminitis, a hoof condition caused by too much rich grazing which can be a real problem for riders and often causes lameness.

Tracey will be looking at weight management to food for optimal performance.

Kerri Luke, the Sanctuary’s Head of Education, said: ‘Spring grass can be really rich and for some horses and ponies it can cause health problems if they eat too much or carry too much weight.

‘This talk will give people some great ideas on how best to manage the problem, while still keeping their animals well fed and happy.’

The two-hour talk begins at 7pm at the Sanctuary’s Coombe Park Visitor Centre in Littlehempston.

All proceeds from door entry fees will go to the Sanctuary to help them rescue neglected, mistreated, abandoned or orphaned horses and ponies throughout the South West.