A PROPOSAL to create more housing in Kingsteignton has led to anger from residents who say the village is already overstretched.

More than 100 people attended a meeting on Monday to discuss their concerns about a proposal by Watts Blake Bearne on Teignbridge Council's Omissions List. The list, described by some as a 'wish list', details alternative land uses to those set out in the Local Plan.

Ball clay company WBB has proposed to build houses at Abbrook Works and New Cross, as well as creating areas of employment.

Residential areas are planned near Chudleigh Road and Badgers Close, while proposed new employment units are planned for Broadway Road.

Areas of Higher Sandygate are also included in the plans.

Tennis courts and a sports pitch for community use are planned near Chudleigh Road.

The meeting, held by the Broadway Society, was organised by District Councillor Joan Lambert: 'The meeting went very well, more than 100 people came out to the meeting on what was a bitterly cold night.

'They are very angry and the thought of more development in Kingsteignton is part and parcel of the mounting anger. It is the first time I have seen this many people voice their concerns.

'Many would like to see open green spaces and the return of the community spirit, so the thought of more housing, people, cars and transport is unacceptable.

'Every person who lives in the west ward should lobby as much as possible' said Cllr Lambert.

The final date for objections has been extended until Friday, January 24 and questionnaires are available from Teignbridge Council offices.

'The local plan has been put out for a while, but people think that it is nothing to do with them. However, lots and lots of objections have gone into Teignbridge and people are waking up to the fact that it is their voices that need to be heard to make a difference.'

Schooling facilities in the village are at the point of capacity and Cllr Lambert believes that villagers would welcome some greenery.

'People are not averse to parks and areas of recreation because that is what we need.'

'I am very worried and I am doing my best to fight with the people against the proposal.'