MRS AI PERRY of Whiteley Avenue, Totnes, writes:

Last year my husband and I moved to a bungalow in Follaton, Totnes, from Malborough, near Kingsbridge, because we lived in a large house at the end of the village.

My husband has Lewy body dementia and I have diabetic retinopathy and cannot walk very well.

We no longer drive and were unable to get out and about and Kingsbridge is not very accessible transport wise.

We are so happy here, our life is so enriched. Bob the Bus is a lifeline for us both, we can get to the doctor's surgery, the Pavillions, do our shopping in the Co-op and have it delivered – shop in local shops in Fore Street, have coffee and lunch out, chat to people etc. Bliss!

I understand there is a proposal to close the right turn at the top of Fore Street to the crossroads to Follaton. This may stop Bob the Bus going up Fore Street and to Follaton because going out onto the Plymouth Road further up would be so dangerous.

Totnes is so accessible to those of us who are disabled.

Please, please, please, don't change it, because of a few more cars going up in the morning and later in the day.