SCOOPING ice cream from a tin at a shop in Dawlish has become a viral sensation worldwide.

The Local Scoop has hit 2.6million views on Tik Tok, and growing, with one post showing the latest flavours, including sweet almond and cherry, to the soundtrack of trending tunes. 

Lauren Kalynuk, 21, shop manager, is responsible for the huge following. 

She explained: ‘TikTok has become a way I can show off how our ice cream scoops and all the amazing flavours we have. 

‘We have been absolutely blown away by how many views and likes it has received as well as so many positive comments.’

Jack Martin, Emma Ireland and Lauren Kalynuk at The Local Scoop (Robert Simpson)

By Monday, Friday’s post had been seen by 2.6 million people and received 218.6 thousand likes and continues to receive views and interactions. 

Other posts are growing on the back of the response. 

Lauren said: ‘It’s very exciting for a little ice cream shop in Dawlish that people are now seeing us from all around the world and want to come taste our ice creams. 

‘I think videos of scooping ice cream has been such a massive hit as it seems to be a very satisfying thing to watch and people are interested in all the new and different flavours we have.’

Owners Jack Martin and Emma Ireland, who opened in 2021, described the craze as ‘wild’. 

They said Lauren had found she loved showing off how their ice cream ‘scoops’ and the reaction had been ‘on fire’.