YESTERDAY, June 22, a half-dozen fire crews descended upon a property in Dittisham after reports of a car fire.

Totnes Fire Station and Paignton Fire Station were first to receive the report of the fire on Manor Street and, while on their way there, the crew from Brixham Fire Station were also mobilised.

The incident detailed a car fire that had spread to a nearby house, with a lot of smoke and fuel, which was alight, running down the hill.

Firefighters release dramatic photos of delivery van fire in Dittisham
(Photo by Totnes Fire Station)

It was also brought to the firefighters' attention that the property in question was located in close proximity to an oil tank and electric sub station thus additional support was requested from Torquay Fire Station and Ashburton Fire Station.

Fortunately, a member of the public was on hand to help transport both crew and equipment to the property.

Using a hydrant located, as it happens, right outside the property, crews set about fighting the fire.

Two teams, decked out in Breathing Apparatus (BA) gear, were tasked to tackle the fire: one inside the property and the other focused on the delivery van.

A battery-operated fan was used to properly ventilate the house, and thermal imaging cameras were used to check for hotspots.

It is a part of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service's duty to be aware of the run off from fires, and the potential said run off has to contaminate nearby water courses.

As such, an environmental protection unit was mobilised from Newton Abbot Fire Station and, after an investigation, it came to light that the drain crews had directed the runoff from the incident in Dittisham was being pumped to a treatment plant.

This was duly reported to the Environmental Agency.

A spokesman for Totnes Fire Station said: 'This incident was on a very steep hill, in a very confined area for so many firefighters on a very hot day with little shade available.

'The work was extremely hard but with the efforts of everyone there the property was not lost, and damage to the property and environment was kept to a minimum.

We would like to thank all the members of the public who helped drive crews to and from the incident until the arrival of the 4x4 or supplied us with cold drinks... it was really appreciated!'