NEWLY elected Bishopsteignton ward councillor Andrew Macgregor has decided to sit with the South Devon Alliance Group on Teignbridge Council.

Cllr Macgregor (pictured) said this week: ‘I have taken a decision to remain an independent councillor, but to sit with the South Devon Alliance group.

‘There are simple practical reasons for doing so. 

‘Unlike in the last four council elections, an independent group was formed, there are just three of us this time round. 

‘One of those wishes to remain independent of any group and as a result, Cllr Clarance of Shaldon has also followed this line. 

‘In effect it means no independent group in this iteration of the district.

‘What that subsequently means is that no independent would have a committee seat on any committee. 

‘As a committed advocate for Bishopsteignton and having indicated a desire to ensure value for money, planning and housing were taken seriously, the only method for doing so was to sit with the South Devon Alliance group, although I retain my status as an independent councillor.

‘I am hoping to obtain a seat on three committees as a result. 

‘Planning, Overview and Scrutiny and Standards would be my preference, but I will update on that once I have sat and discussed the availability of committee places with the leader of the group after the officers have created the allocation lists, by group.’