Lack of long term planning

Sunday 24th July 2022 12:00 pm
Martin Heath Column
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WHERE’S THE PLAN? Well it happened, revolution in Sri Lanka, commonly called today an uprising. Aside from the war in Ukraine which is causing the price of food and energy to rise sharply, much of the country’s problems was due to the lack of good governance and lack of long-term planning. Items like - not trading well enough to have the money to buy food and oil and gas on the open market.

Not growing enough food in their own country. Finding it difficult to pay a good living wage to their public workers like health-care workers, police, army. Not sufficient number of doctors and nurses and care provisions.

The public not being able to get to see a doctor or get their operations done for years. Citizens dying due to the failure of emergency provisions. All of this was made worse due to the small land-mass and not having many natural resources.

These are the flags and signs to watch out for in a failing country, but most of the list above is not just from Sri Lanka’s, but the UK!

Listening to the new candidates for PM this week, not one so far gave the impression that we have a climate crisis that is going to make food growing much harder, and we need a big plan to change that. All we hear is promises of tax cuts and promises to build on the very farmlands that needs to grow the food. What we really need is long-term plans to save our nation from little by little, sliding into poverty, food and energy prices that many won’t be able to afford and the unrest that goes with it.

Although I am not a financial advisor, I think that on the 16 Aug 22, due to the world crises in food and energy and inflation, we could see the Bank of England put up interest rates by at least 0.5%.  A strong and large country with huge nature resources can get through these ups and downs of world events, but small countries are more vulnerable to commodity suppliers.

If we can learn anything from the sad situation in Sri Lanka, our new Prime Minister, and come to that, all the opposition leaders, need to get out of their un-scientific thinking bubble, that the UK is insulted from world events and climate change; which is getting worse by the day (more on that next week).

Therefore, we must get a plan to grow our own food, and how we are going to water the crops with desalination plants, stop buying the cheapest food from all around the world that adds to climate change, properly insulate all our homes with big grants, and not give the taxes away and do nothing that changes the basic problems facing our country.

If this all seems a bit political, well it is, as one of the journalists said, ‘politics like it or not, runs the country.’

And I would say, ‘must change if we are going to protect ourselves into the future.’  I finish with this true saying: ‘starvation and famine are only one harvest away!’


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