A PARISH council’s newly appointed handyman has hit the ground running.

Employed three days per week as Kingskerswell Parish Council’s new Facilities Maintenance Officer, Oleksandr Kazakov is enjoying working for the council and is well like by the villagers, who can see the results of his efforts.

Described as ‘multi-skilled’ by the council, Oleksandr, known as Alex, has been busy keeping the council's assets in ‘tip top’ condition.

His role as the council’s handyman sees the Ukrainian expatriate traverse the parish of Kingskerswell, clearing weeds, installing dog-waste bins and everything in between.

'I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work within this friendly team at Kingskerswell Parish Council’ Alex said.

‘Feeling the support and trust of the management and local residents of the community, I try to perform tasks as efficiently and qualitatively as possible.

‘And this applies to any tasks for me, such as clearing a path in the park or cleaning the children's playground.

‘I would like to continue to create a comfortable environment and work for the benefit of this country.

‘I enjoy doing this and I see appreciative feedback.

‘Thank you all for your trust'.

Pictured alongside Alex is Cllr John Radford, who has recently elected to serve as chairman of the council.

This will be Cllr Radford’s fourth term as chairman.

Cllr Radford said: ‘I am very honoured to be elected for a fourth term as chairman of Kingskerswell Parish Council.

‘It's nice to know that councillors have faith in the direction that the parish council is going.

‘We want Kingskerswell to be a nice place to live, with more services being provided by the parish council like village maintenance, weeding, allotments, providing public toilets.

‘We are in the process of re-opening the public toilet at the Playing Fields.’