YOUNG entrepreneurs at Cockwood Primary School proved their budding business skills at an Enterprise Fete.

Held at Hope Church in Dawlish, the event saw class 1 invite members of the community to see how their business ideas had developed.

Over five weeks, children in years 4,5 and 6 have taken part in the Virgin Money Make £5 Grow project.

Each child had to create a business plan and then signed a loan agreement to ‘borrow’ £5 as their start up fund.

The school has taken part in the scheme several times but this was the first time since the pandemic, the children were able to host an event.

Cockwood Primary School
(Cockwood Primary School)
Cockwood Primary School
(Cockwood Primary School)

Money raised from the project goes towards funding their London residential trip.

Head of school Alison Roper explained: ‘It is really good for the children to get this opportunity for real life learning, they learn the concept of borrowing and is very valuable.’

Children had to write a business plan and complete a loan agreement for £5 to create and develop products to sell.

Alison said staff were impressed with the quality and range of products the children had created.

Cockwood Primary School
(Cockwood Primary School )

Mayor of Dawlish Rosie Dawson was specially invited to attend.

She said: ‘It’s amazing and I’m really impressed, the children have so much creativity and have put a lot of thought and effort into this.’

Alongside making the products, they had to promote the event and encourage people to attend.

The event has raised £700 towards next year’s London trip.