More than 200 sign petition opposing bus link

By Ethan Heppell   |   Apprentice Reporter   |
Thursday 4th August 2022 2:47 pm
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Bradley Lane Bus Link
(Ethan Heppell / MDA )

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A PETITION against a proposed bus link has been submitted to Teignbridge District Council.

With more than 200 signatures, the petition voices opposition to the proposed Bradley Lane Bus Link, the public consultation for which closed on Monday, August 1.

The proposls, if given the go ahead, would see a bus and cycle gate created between Hunterswell Road and Bradley Lane.

At present, there is no vehicle access between the two roads above mentioned.

The proposed scheme has drawn much critism, it is true.

Residents have raised concerns about increases to air, light and noise pollution, the removal of trees and the parking restrictions along Barton Drive, Hunterswell Road and Bradley Lane which would be introduced under the proposal.

It is around these points, and many more besides, that residents have rallied together in opposition, with a petition quickly springing up.

Rick King, who lives in Hunterswell Road and was one of those spearheading the petition, said: ‘A physical copy of the petiton with 201 signatures on was delivered by myself to Forde House on Friday, July 29.

‘Over the weekend I kept the petiton open and I got a further 26 signatures so the figure stands at 227 - I am really pleased with the number.

‘From this point onwards myself and many other residents would love to see the results of their findings.

‘Obviously if it is canned and kicked into the long grass because of the opposition then great: we would be really happy with that and that is the outcome we would all like but if TDC go ahead with it then we will demand to see how they have come to that decision.

‘Another point I would like to make is that when we went along Bradley Lane knocking on all the doors, at least six residents along that road told me they never got one of the leaflets detailing the bus link.’

A spokesperson for Teignbridge District Council said: ‘We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the consultation and sent us their views, either by completing the online questionnaire or by writing to us.

‘We have received a wide range of feedback, including a petition.

‘We will carefully examine all the comments that we have received in considering what should happen next.’


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