ROAD gritters were out and about across Teignbridge and the rest of Devon last night amid fears winter would do its worst with twin hits of ice and snow.

The anticipated blanketing stayed away with remote and high ground areas only receiving a light unthreatening dusting of the white and stuff.

As much as 4cm had been predicted last night but the vagaries of the British weather failed to materialise – but treacherous ice did rear its slippery head.

One of the worst affected areas was in the Poundsgate area where several motorists came a cropper on steep hills either side of the village this morning.

One motorist said: ‘I saw four cars which had been abandoned. One of them was hit by a car which lost control on the ice and slid into it. It was a bit scary.’

Highways chiefs were taking no chances beforehand by issuing cold snap warnings for the county late yesterday afternoon.

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