SOUTH West Water is finally working on a damaged sewer in Exminster which has been creating a terrible pong in the village for months. 

Residents have been complaining about the stench for at least the last three months. 

Teignbridge Council’s environmental health team was also called out to have a sniff and had asked SWW to investigate. 

Now, after inquiries were made by the district council, local county councillor Alan Connett and the Mid Devon Advertiser, the water company has announced it is now working to repair the damaged sewer. 

Reports today from residents say there have been lorries seen through the village since yesterday. 

One resident asked if the pumping station was causing the ‘horrible smell’.  

A spokesman for South West Water said: ‘We are working to repair a damaged sewer in Exminster, next to the Sannerville Way Bypass. 

‘In order to complete this essential work we are using tankers to transport flows from the sewer to a local treatment works to allow the team to work on the damaged pipe. 

‘We are also using temporary two-way traffic lights to make sure our team and local drivers are safe while we work to complete the repair as quickly as possible. ‘We want to thank local residents and drivers for their patience and understanding.’

Before the work started, Cllr Connett said Teignbridge Council had asked SWW to look into the problem.

Residents have been aware of the stink for up to three months.

They said it smelled of sewage and could be smelled from the Sannerville Way area. 

Depending on the wind direction, residents can smell it from their homes. 

Reports have been made to SWW’s problem page online as a possible sewage spill. 

One villager said: ‘Every day driving down the A379 past the pump station, the smell is horrific.

‘This has been going on for some time.’

It has also been reported that the ‘terrible smell’ is noticeable at Gissons.