SIX new Black Swan cygnets have hatched in Dawlish. 

The chicks were first spotted on Saturday as they began to hatch. 

By Sunday, all six had hatched and have been seen on the nest which was laid next to the Brook and not on the more usual nesting site at Tuck’s Plot. 

Parents Bert and Kimba have been busy breeding over the last two years 

This is the latest brood to arrive and will soon be taking to the water. 

It is understood there is one egg left on the nest but this is not expected to hatch. 

Peter Hayes, who pictured the new family, said: ‘A delightful stroll in the sunshine last Sunday morning was very rewarding. 

;Six new residents down by the water were enjoying their first steps in their brave new worl.

‘Time to pause for thought, when life offers up a fresh start for someone new. May they all grow and prosper.’