Ethan Heppell takes a look at a new book looking at one of the most elite military braches of World War 2 - the paratrooper.

THE FORTYS’ fourth foray into the Second World War offers up a comprehensive look at one of the conflicts most elite units - the paratrooper.

On May 10, 1940, German paratroopers rained down upon the Dutch fort of Eben-Emael, overwhelming the defenders and capturing the position.

This operation was a resounding success and set the stage for the widespread adoption of airborne troops by both the Allies and Axis as key strategical units capable of pulling off daring missions.

The rise and subsequent mass use of the airborne troop is the subject of Simon and Jonathan Forty’s latest Second World War-based book – ‘A Photographic History of Airborne Warfare 1939-1945’.

The book details the development of airborne forces, from their relatively rudimentary beginnings to the lethal fighting forces which they were to become and includes more than 400 illustrations: photographs, maps, line drawings and so much more.

Also, there are detailed appendices on parachutes, aircraft, gliders, the training received and the equipment used by airborne troops as well as analysis of communications and the organisation of airborne regiments from the key players in the conflict.

Brothers, long-time collaborators and Teignmouth locals, Simon and Jonathan have penned many titles pertaining to the Second World War.

Simon and Jonathan were both educated in Dorset and then the north of England, following which Simon continued his studies at London University’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies whereas Jonathan attended Queen’s Mary College.

The brothers have been involved in the realm of publishing for many years.

A Photographic History of Airborne Warfare 1939-1945 is the fourth in a series of five books about combat in the Second World War written by the pair.

The first three books covered tank, artillery and infantry warfare respectively and the final title, slated for a spring 2022 release, will delve deep into the amphibious operations of the conflict.

A Photographic History of Airborne Warfare 1939-1945 is available to purchase online via Pen and Sword Books or through Amazon.