The NHS, housing, water quality and poverty are some of the key issues in the coming General Election, according to residents of Newton Abbot.

The responses came as the Mid Devon Advertiser took to the streets this lunchtime to find out what people thought about the election news.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced last night that there will be a general election on July 4.

While many we spoke to didn’t want to chat about politics, they were unsurprised that an election has been called. ‘People have been asking for it for a long time,’ said Prue.

However, it was clear where priorities should lie for candidates in the Newton Abbot constituency. Affordable housing was a clear priority with one lady explaining how she’d been homeless and when offered a council house she still couldn’t afford the rent.

The recent South West Water contamination in the Brixham area has highlighted the issue of clean, safe and affordable drinking water.

And most people we spoke to had major concerns about the future of the NHS.

Many were also clear that whoever is in the next government need to focus on supporting local projects ‘on the ground’ to tackle poverty and build community. ‘They should think about the people: what they need and what they want,’ Margaret said.

While election fever is probably not particularly high in the town today, it is clear that people feel very strongly about the problems candidates standing for Newton Abbot should be tackling.