NO schools in the Devon County Council areas are in desperate need of repair, bucking the situation nationally.

The council says four in five school buildings are in good condition or better than the national average.

The news comes after the government changed its minds on the publication of school data that would have shown how many schools were at risk of imminent collapse.

The National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) describes the decision as ‘shocking’, whilst the Labour Party wants to force ministers to release the data.

Devon County Council says almost £4 million is available for school building maintenance in the next financial year, and no school buildings are in immediate danger of collapse.

‘Devon has a planned capital maintenance programme of £3.8 million for 2023/24 across the maintained school estate and we prioritise this spending based on need and in agreement with school leaders,’ said a spokesperson.

‘The condition of some of the school estate for which we are responsible is challenging, with the need for maintenance and refurbishment often exceeding the resources available.

‘However, our highest priority will always be on meeting immediate health and safety needs.

‘Currently, none of the educational buildings we are responsible for are in a critical condition and over 80 per cent are graded as in the same condition or better than the national average by the Department for Education.’