KEN Tuckett, of Higher Sandygate, Kingsteignton, press officer for Kingsteignton Residents Environmental Awareness Group, writes: It has been a long hard struggle to break the three years of councillors' silence but hopefully the promised public meeting will now deliver the opportunity for all the people of Kingsteignton, not just KREAG members, to obtain all the information they want on the future development of their village. The meeting must not be a repeat of the December 2004 meeting at the racecourse when, in my opinion, it was stage managed to prevent disclosure. We do not want long presentations. flooding is a worrying issue but we all know the Environment agency considers the alleviation proposals will improve defences and we will not change its opinion. The people want to be able to present questions and receive honest answers from councillors, officers and the EA etc. on all topics of concern, and especially on what is contained within consultation documents and development plans which, in addition to housing, also make reference to incineration, biomass, waste reprocessing facilities, pyrolosis etc., and waste imported into Kingsteignton by rail. There is reference to the development generating '42,000 trips'. what does that mean – 115 lorries travelling around the village every day of the year? These things are in consultation documents for consultation and the people of Kingsteignton have every right to expect their councillors to be able to discuss and explain just what sort of developmnt is planned and how it will affect the village and the lives of its residents. The racecourse was full in 2004. I expect it to be overflowing this time. the people want information on what is the largest, most important, far reaching development that has or will ever again impact upon Kingsteignton. KREAG has got the meeting. it is now up to the councillors to demonstrate that they have nothing to hide and for the people of Kingsteignton to come out and take the opportunity to find out for themselves.