ONLINE donations for an upcoming and ever popular Teignbridge fireworks display can now be made after a fundraising page goes live.

Donations toward this year's bonfire and fireworks event for Teignmouth and Shaldon, which takes place on November 4, can now be processed through GoFundMe.

The event, which is Star Wars themed and based at Shaldon Beach, is free and relies heavily upon the generosity of the public to keep going.

The proceeds of the fundraiser will be divided equally between Teignmouth Town Council and Shaldon Parish Council, the two authorities arranging the fireworks.

'There will be lots of bucket collectors to take donations in Shaldon on the night of the event' a spokesman for Shaldon Parish Council said.

'But if anyone prefers to donate online, to help with the costs of the fireworks, they can do so through the link below' the spokesman added.

► Those wanting to donate an support 'Fireworks Across the Teign Estuary' can do so by following this link.