DESPITE woes over rising utility bills, an much-frequented and much-loved outdoor swimming pool is to open as intended.

Kingsteignton Swimming Pool will open for 2023 on April 29, in spite of the fact that those behind the scenes are apprehensive about its future.

A spokesman for Kingsteignton Swimming Pool said: 'The pool is facing a very uncertain future with rising utility bills, and we desperately need financial support (and good weather) if we are to survive through this season.

'This is an exceptionally difficult time for all community run pools - it may cost us £10,000 just to heat the pool for opening which is not far off our previous annual bills.

'As the saying goes ‘use it or lose it’

Furthermore, although boasting a healthy number of followers across its social media pages, only three people attended the recent Annual General Meeting of Kingsteignton Swimming Pool.

The small yet highly dedicated team working to keep things afloat have not, however, lost heart and are working tirelessly on grant applications and other such similar things.